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Originally formed in 1980, we are dedicated to providing the time necessary to help our clients, in analyzing, understanding, their marine risk's and exposures individually. Our capabilities enable us to handle any risk, despite size or complexity, while retaining that personal touch that is so essential to the insurance industry. 

Our commitment to the long-term mutual success of Longshoreman Insurance and all of our clients is continuously demonstrated by our quality service in providing detailed quotations and timely policy delivery.

The principal operation of Longshoreman Insurance is to offer "solutions" combined with service. By matching professionals with professionals, we ensure long-term commitments and solutions with stable and responsive markets.
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Do I really need Longshoreman Insurance if I am a bookkeeper?  What about an artisan contractor replacing tile in a cruise ship bathroom?  A roofer fixing a roof on a marina storage building?  For answers to these questions see our FAQ link above.

We offer the unique combination of competitive, comprehensive coverage with the knowledge and dedication to structure the proper coverage program and explain it to the insured.

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Captive Insurance Company

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USL&H -Longshoreman's Insurance -What is it?  What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act? 

Do you need any of the following maritime policies?

1. Longshoreman Insurance (USL&H)
2. Jones Act Coverage (The Merchant Marine Act)
3. Marine Employers Liability (MEL)

4. State Act Workers Compensation

5. International

6. Hull/Equipment

7. Protection & Indemnity

8. Marine General Liability

9. Umbrellas / Bumbershoots

10. Boat Dealers Package

11. Loss of Hire (Business Income)

12. Oil Pollution Liability Act

13. Marine Builders Risk

14. Shipyards

15. Docks and Piers

16. Marine Contractors Package

17. Marine Concessionaires

18. Charter Excursion Casinos

Our Flagship division is specialist Insurance for commercial marine insurance.

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We represent the top marine specialty insurance companies throughout the United States, in London, and other markets worldwide with Marine Workers Compensation, Brown Water Commercial Vessel, Marine Industries Liability, Dredging Contractors, Shipyards, Blue Water Vessels and more.



Longshoreman Insurance

Every day we answer questions about Longshoreman Insurance and marine coverages like, "What is USLH or Longshoreman Insurance?"  " What is Jones Act Insurance"  "What is the difference between Jones Act and Longshoreman Insurance?"  "Is it not all the same?"

Longshoreman Insurance is a required insurance coverage for many contractors and workers that work in and around a body of water.  The Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act (LHWCA) was passed by Congress and protects over 678,000 workers who may be injured or have an employment-related injury or occupational disease on navigable waters of the United States of America, or in adjoining areas.  Longshoreman Insurance is the federal type of workers compensation insurance. It is usually more expensive due to the nature of the work. Contractors and Staffing Agencies should not release a legal binding bid without first checking our how much Longshoreman Insurance and other marine insurance coverages such as Marine Employers Liability, Marine General Liability and Jones Act Insurance (among other potential coverages) will cost you.

An authoritative link to information concerning USL&H or Longshoreman Insurance and as to whether or not your business will need USL&H Insurance is to be found at the US Department of Labor located here:


We quote the US Department of Labor here below:

You do not require insurance for your employees if they fall under the following exclusions:

  • Seamen (masters or members of a crew of any vessel);
  • Employees of the United States government or of any state or foreign government;

The LHWCA also excludes the following individuals if they are covered by a state workers' compensation law:

  • Individuals employed exclusively to perform office clerical, secretarial, security, or data processing work;
  • Individuals employed by a club, camp, recreational operation, restaurant, museum, or retail outlet;
  • Individuals employed by a marina and who are not engaged in construction, replacement, or expansion of such marina (except for routine maintenance);
  • Individuals who (A) are employed by suppliers, transporters, or vendors, (B) are temporarily doing business on the premises of a maritime employer, and (C) are not engaged in work normally performed by employees of that employer covered under the Act;
  • Aquaculture workers;
  • Individuals employed to build any recreational vessel under sixty-five feet in length, or to repair any recreational vessel, or to dismantle any part of a recreational vessel in connection with the repair of such vessel;
  • Small vessel workers if exempt by certification of the Secretary of Labor under certain conditions.

Longshoreman Insurance .com provides solutions for marine contractors, marine staffing companies and other marine businesses & corporations across the USA.  Check our Articles and FAQ sections for more information.  

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